Management Team

Wayne Marx

VP, Director
Mr. Marx was the founder and owner of “Precision Outdoor Power”, power equipment retail and service provider in Tucson and Williams, Arizona. Wayne has more than 40 years of business experience, mostly in retail and government services a self-employed individual and has been a provider of equipment to residential commercial and government users throughout his business career. He has limited experience in the solar industry. Mr. Marx presently brings a representation to our company for fire and emergency service organizations that he presently serves and has worked with for many years. Mr. Marx is Fire Chief for the Sherwood Forest Estates Fire District and Regional Fire Resource Coordinator for Coconino County Fire Department. Mr. Marx joined the Fire District as Fire chief in 2003 and is still employed at this position full time. Mr. Marx does not draw a salary or work as an employee for ABCO Energy at this time and serves as a Vice President without any compensation.