Alternative Energy Finance

Alternative Energy Finance Corporation (AEFC) is committed to financing the increased utilization of a variety of renewable energy generation systems, including solar, wind, biomass, and other resources that will facilitate the replacement of fossil fuel energy generation equipment. AEFC is incorporated in Wyoming and Arizona, with its headquarters located in Tucson, Arizona.

Areas of Focus

AEFC’s initial focus is on:

  • Coordinating the financing flow from investment companies and brokers to directly finance alternative energy projects from alternative energy suppliers and installers.
  • Serve as an investment manager for alternative energy projects – soliciting funds from investment groups and providing significant above-market returns to investors.
  • Create, implement, and administer Purchase Power Agreements as a means to financing large scale solar and other alternative energy installations.
  • Serve as the coordinating agent for leasing arrangements and administration for alternative energy installations.
  • Explore and investigate alternative energy investment opportunities for viability and for substantial market returns.

AEFC intends to take full advantage of the market opportunities represented by the renewable energy market. Demand is very high for such projects, with financing being the major stumbling block. With many financing alternatives being offered, AEFC will grow rapidly and profitably.

Market Opportunity

The alternative energy market is currently inundated with demand for its use, its installation, and its reductions in electricity costs. Most alternative energy installations require a sizable up-front investment that many consumer and businesses are unable to provide on their own. AEFC intends to close that gap (and make profits) by providing that initial investment.

The market for alternative power sources is one that has been growing steadily since inception and has grown consistently for over 20 years. The rising cost of fossil fuel, and the uncertainty in continued distribution and availability of gas and oil from the Middle East, South America and other sources out of our control has spurred an increased interest in solar power, wind power, and other alternative energy sources. Additionally, many federal, state and local government agencies are facing EPA sanctions including the loss of Federal Highway Funds because of excessive Ozone days due to pollution from fossil fuels. The mandate published by the Department of Defense orders its departments to reduce the amount of fossil fuel used by 2% per year through 2025.

Future Plans

AEFC intends to continue to develop solar project benefits for commercial businesses, for non-profit organizations and for religious organizations by formation of Limited Liability partnerships to manage and own solar projects funded with PPA agreements. In this form, all of the tax benefits inure to the LLC investors, including AEFC and will enjoy a cash flow from projects for up to 20 years after completion.